Refinishing Laminate Furniture: What You Need To Know

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Refinishing Laminate Furniture: What You Need To Know

7 July 2015
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So, you have an older piece of laminate furniture and it's starting to look a little worn. Because it's made of laminate and not real wood, you're considering just scrapping it and buying something new. Before you do, however, you might want to consider refinishing the laminate; believe it or not, painting over laminate is possible and, along with some new hardware and other touches, can give your piece of laminate furniture an entirely new look.

You'll Need a Good Primer

First and foremost, using a primer is a must when working with laminate furniture. If you start by applying paint right away, it's not going to adhere to the smooth laminate surface and you're going to end up with chips and scratches in no time. Apply at least a couple of coats of primer that's specifically designed for use on slick surfaces, such as metal or porcelain. Make sure to allow time for drying as recommended on the label before applying a new coat or a top coat.

Dry Times and Cure Times Aren't Equal

Speaking of drying times, understand that there's a major difference between dry times and cure times when working with primer--and that this distinction is important when working with laminate. The dry time listed on the primer or paint is simply the time it takes for it to feel dry to the touch. However, the cure time is the amount of time it will take for the finish to be completely hardened and adhered to the surface. Until the cure time has passed (which could be days or weeks), then, it's important to handle the furniture as carefully as possible.

Stay Away From Polyurethane Sealers

Even after you've primed and painted, you'll also want to apply at least a couple layers of a sealant; this will help to protect your paint from chips and damage from water, which is especially important if you're refinishing a laminate table or nightstand. When choosing a sealer for your furniture, be sure to stay away from polyurethane--especially if you have painted the furniture a lighter color. Over time, polyurethane has a tendency to cause a yellow tint to paint. Instead, you're better off with using a polycrylic sealer on painted laminate furniture.

Once your furniture is all painted and sealed, consider adding some finishing touches, such as hardware, to really transform the overall look of the piece without much added cost.

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