Dining Room Makeover: Creating Your Own Seaside Retreat At Home

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Dining Room Makeover: Creating Your Own Seaside Retreat At Home

14 July 2015
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If you love the beach and wish your annual vacation could last all year, you're not alone. There's just something about beach living that invites feelings of rest and relaxation.

Since moving to the beach is typically not an option, why not bring the beach home to your house? Take it one room at a time and give your home a beach-themed makeover.

An easy room to start with is the dining room. Dining rooms require minimal furnishings and can be easier on the budget when it comes to makeovers.

When you combine the right colors and design style, you will soon be sipping your morning coffee or tea in your new dining room that's as fresh and inviting as an ocean breeze.

Soft and subtle

When shopping for paint for your dining room, look for subtle colors. The goal is to select a color that is not too distracting. Using gray for the walls and white for windows, doors, and trim is a good choice. When it comes to choosing a color, think about the natural colors of the seaside for ideas. For example, blues in shades of the ocean and sky, sand-colored beige hues, soft-yellow sunlight, etc.


Look for dining room furniture with a distressed or worn look. A dining room table and chairs with a weathered look will bring a seaside feel to your dining room.

If you choose a table and chairs in a brown color, you could cover the chairs with cream slipcovers to contrast with the table. Fabric-covered chairs are more warm and inviting and go perfect with the seaside theme.

Consider adding a hutch or shelves along one wall to display dishes or collectibles with an ocean theme. 

To drape or not to drape

The more light and airy you can make your room, the easier it will be to create a seaside feeling. Drapes can block a lot of the natural light. Window blinds in natural colors or bamboo allow easy access to sunlight.

If you prefer drapes, choose colors that will contrast well with the walls. For example, if your walls are a subtle gray color, you may want to choose drapes with dark gray or blue pinstripes.

You could also use a curtain topper with window blinds rather than full length drapes. A small amount of a bold color or nautical print used in a topper will add the perfect amount of contrast without being overpowering.

Accent well

Simplicity is the key. Clutter makes it hard to relax. A simple vase of fresh-cut flowers is all you need for a delightful centerpiece. A small basket filled with sea shells is another option. 

Placemats with seashells or nautical prints will dress up a table well. Plain bamboo placemats will also look nice.

A beach scene or nautical print in a distressed frame, accented with a weathered sconce, is the perfect way to dress up a plain wall.

With the right color combinations and a little imagination, you can transform your dining room into a relaxing seaside retreat. You may even feel like you are on vacation all year long. Contact a company like Esprit Decor for more information.