Working With Small Spaces: Five Easy Ways To Open Up Your Living Room

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Working With Small Spaces: Five Easy Ways To Open Up Your Living Room

14 July 2015
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Even if your apartment is tiny, you can make some amazingly simple choices to open up your space visually.The tips below will have you thinking in terms of making more of what space you have as well as tricking the eye with thoughtful use of scale, color and light. For five easy tips on enlarging your living room, read on.

Size matters

Make sure you know exactly how much room you have available before you buy a major piece of furniture. Measuring lasers make it easy, but a long tape measure works just as well. Keep that measurer with you when shopping for new pieces. Look for smaller scaled versions of pieces and stay away from overstuffed upholstered pieces. A little tufting, on the other hand, will lend a comfy and luxurious touch without taking up much space. Tables that are more long and narrow can fit in even the tiniest entrance spaces.

Give your furniture extra jobs

Every space should perform in a small room, so look for pieces that work extra hard, such as shelving units that hold attractive fabric bins. These bins will hold office supplies, files, magazines, DVDs, and more. Make your coffee table work as extra linen storage by using a trunk instead of a standard table. 

Banish clutter

It's natural to want to display your souvenirs and mementos, but too much at one time can be visually overwhelming. Instead, curate your collection and choose a few special pieces to display and then rotate to new pieces every month or so. You will find that having less on display at once makes your treasures seem more precious.

Keep it light

When choosing larger pieces, like couches, stick with a lighter shade palette. Softer, paler colors add less visual weight to a room, making it instantly larger. Painting bookshelves and tables lighter shades will make whatever you put on them pop. Bringing in light will add to the airy look, so hang some sheers curtains and open your blinds up. Sheers are very inexpensive, so spring for extra panels for a more luxurious and airy look. Make sure your curtains go all the way to the floor (it's perfectly fine if they puddle a little) and hang them higher and wider than your window opening.

Lead the eye

Try to choose pieces that look airier, such as chairs and couches that sit on legs instead of thick block legs and use thin-legged side tables. You can achieve an airier feel by careful furniture placement as well; keep those traffic patterns clear by placing larger pieces against the wall. Glass topped tables and mirrors are inexpensive methods to fool the eye and open up your room.

As you can see, just making some small adjustments can result in a larger and airier-looking space for your smaller living room. Grab your tape measure, visit your local furniture store, like Denmark's Furniture Mart & Sleep Shop, and be prepared to be amazed at the array of choices, one of which could be just the perfect thing for your small living room.