3 Simple Ways To Add Mid-Century Modern Style To Your Home

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3 Simple Ways To Add Mid-Century Modern Style To Your Home

10 August 2015
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Thanks to the popularity of television shows like Mad Men, mid-century modern home decor is making a comeback in the design world. Furnishings and graphic design work produced from the mid-1940s to 1970 are characterized as mid-century modern. Characterized by contemporary patterns and natural materials, mid-century modern furnishings can make a great addition to your home.

If you are concerned about blending a mid-century modern piece with your existing decor, here are three simple ways you can add some mid-century modern style to your home in the future.

1. Swap out your existing light fixtures for mid-century modern pieces

Light fixtures closely resembled works of art during the mid-century modern era, so swapping out your existing light features can be a simple way to add elegance and mid-century modern style to your home.

Finding affordable lighting to include in your home doesn't have to be difficult. If you live in a town that experienced an economic boom during the mid-century period, older lighting stores might have some pieces in the backroom they would be willing to sell to you at a discount. You can also watch for renovations of homes constructed during the mid-century time period and ask the owners if they would be willing to part with any original light fixtures as they update the home.

2. Invest in modern pieces with mid-century elements

If you aren't ready to commit to mid-century modern furnishings, try incorporating the style into your existing decor by investing in modern pieces with mid-century elements.

The fabric used to upholster a piece of furniture can easily be altered to make it more reminiscent of a mid-century modern piece. Look for furnishings upholstered in bold geometric patterns or bright floral prints to add a bit of mid-century modern style to your home.

3. Add a few iconic pieces to your existing decor

When you want your home to have a more mid-century modern vibe, consider adding a few iconic pieces to your existing decor. One of the most easily recognizable design elements included in mid-century modern homes is the sunburst mirror.

Placing a sunburst mirror in a prominent location within your home will instantly give it that mid-century modern look you desire without clashing with your existing decor.

Making the transition to a mid-century modern home can be tough. By taking the time to update your light fixtures, select modern furnishings with mid-century modern upholstery, and adding iconic pieces like a sunburst mirror, you can easily blend your existing decor with mid-century modern style. 

Businesses like Bucks County Estate Traders can also be a good place to look for mid-century modern furnishings because they can specialize in vintage and antique furniture.