3 Tips For Getting Your Child Excited About Moving Into A Big Kid Bed

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3 Tips For Getting Your Child Excited About Moving Into A Big Kid Bed

23 October 2015
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Moving your child from a crib or toddler bed into a big kid bed can be a big transition for them. In order to make it a pleasant one, the key is to include your child and make it a fun and exciting new experience for them. This article will discuss 3 excellent tips for getting your child excited about moving into a big kid bed.

Allow Them To Try Out Several Different Mattresses At The Mattress Store

Your child will be more likely to sleep in their new bed if they are the ones that get to pick out their mattress. You can take them to the mattress store (such as Vandenberg Furniture) with you. Have the mattress store associate show you and your child all of the different mattress options for kids, and then help your child to lay on each of them. Ask them what they do and don't like about the mattress, and tell them to keep in mind which one is their favorite. Your child will have a blast at the mattress store, and you can purchase the mattress that will work best for them.

Set Up And Paint Their Bed Frame Together

Children absolutely love when things are personalized to them, and they also love to be involved. Let your child help you set up their new big kid bed together. They can help you read the instructions, or they can hand you the tools and screws that you need. Once the bed is all set up, the two of you can head to the store to pick out the perfect paint color for your child's bed. Once again, let your child pick out their favorite color to make the experience a fun and exciting one for them. You can then paint the bed together and place their new mattress inside of it. To make the experience even more fun for your child, you can also let them pick out their bedding.

Make Their Bed Time Routine Fun 

When it comes time for your child to actually sleep in their bed, make their bedtime routine a fun one. Have them pick out some of their most favorite stories to read together, and sing a few songs to them before they go to sleep. Place a night light in their room so they don't feel scared, and place water on their bedside table just in case they get thirsty in the night. Also, remind them that you are just down the hall if they need you.