Caring For Your Furniture Pieces So They Last When You Have Pets

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Caring For Your Furniture Pieces So They Last When You Have Pets

14 December 2015
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Your furniture is a large investment that you want to keep around for a long time. Even if you bought your furnishings from furniture sales at your local furniture store (such as Fickes Furniture), these items are costly and should last for many years. Having pets can make taking care of your furniture difficult, but you want to do what you can to keep your furnishings fresh and appealing. Rugs, couches, chairs, and even coffee tables can become worn out over time with your pets leaving behind dirt, scratches, and even teeth marks. Here are ways you can care for your furniture pieces so they last.

Wood care tips

If your couches or chairs have wooden feet, you don't want to neglect them. Regularly wipe down your wooden pieces with an orange or lemon oil wipe to keep debris at bay and keep the wood from drying out. If your pets are chewers, you can keep them from biting on your wooden pieces by spraying bitter apple spray on the surfaces. The spray won't damage your wood, and is distasteful to curious pets. It's a wise idea to place bitter apple spray on table surfaces, legs, and the wooden parts of furnishings to prevent damage. 

Leather care tips

Leather furniture can be easily scratched or torn by pets when they jump on it. You can prevent this damage by covering your leather pieces with beautiful throws or afghans so your pets can use your furniture with ease. If you do get a scratch on a leather chair or couch, clean it immediately with a leather-approved cleaner that does not have alcohol in it and apply a leather conditioner afterwards. Gently rubbing the conditioner into the surface of your affected leather should make small scratches and tears fade. If a scratch or tear is very large, you may need to take your piece into a furniture repair service to fix the damage.

Rug care tips

Pets can be prone to accidents, so to protect your flooring you may want to place a plastic mat under all your rugs. You can find these in furniture sales departments in a variety of sizes. If your pet makes a mess on your rug, you can simply hand wash the material and hang it to dry so it can be fresh and vibrant again.

Your furniture is important to you, and you always want to keep it nice so you can keep it for a long time. Your pets may do their damage, but you can still keep your furnishings looking new by performing a few basic maintenance tips. F