Easy Tips For Arranging The Furniture In Your Family Room Or Living Room

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Easy Tips For Arranging The Furniture In Your Family Room Or Living Room

16 February 2016
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When you move to a new home, it can be hard figuring out how to arrange your living room furniture in the new space. With a living room, you not only want it to be appealing to look at, but comfortable, and functional. Here are some easy tips for arranging the living room furniture.

Keep the Furniture Away from the Wall

Unless you have a very compact living room and have no choice, try to keep the furniture from touching the wall. It doesn't need to float in the middle of the room, but try moving it a few inches from the wall at least. This makes it appear as if your living room has a more comfortable and inviting feel to it. You want the living room sitting furniture and tables to be centered in the room, without having a lot of empty space in the room. This is especially important in large living rooms.

Use Area Rugs Correctly

A very common mistake made in living rooms is either not using area rugs or using them incorrectly. Rugs are a great way to protect the carpeting from your furniture and to provide a soft flooring when you have tile or hardwood flooring. They can also add to the comfort level and visual appeal of the space. However, they can also mess up the balance of the room if you don't place them in the right location. The legs of your western furniture should either be completely on the rug or off them entirely. Do not have legs that are partially on and partially off the rugs. It makes for an awkward balance in the room. For rugs underneath coffee tables, make sure the rug is larger than the size of the coffee table so all legs are on the rug.

Choose Your Focal Point

For living rooms that are an odd shape and difficult to determine where to place living room furniture, give them somewhere to face. This is done by first selecting the focal point of the room. In many living rooms, the focal point will be the television, but it can also be a fireplace or a large, beautiful window that offers the view of the ocean. Regardless of what it is, try to arrange the furniture around that focal point. This gives you a starting point and allows you more flexibility with spacing out the furniture accordingly.