Setting Up The Perfect After Divorce Bachelor Apartment

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Setting Up The Perfect After Divorce Bachelor Apartment

23 February 2016
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If you have ended your marriage, there is a high likelihood that you have left things behind. This can include everything from furniture to your home itself. If you want to get a fresh start, getting a new condo or apartment on your own can be a very liberating experience. One fo the best things about a new bachelor pad is that you do not have to worry about anyone else's approval for your furniture and set up. If you want to create the perfect bachelor pad as a newly single man, here are some design tips that will be impressive and comfortable.

The largest television that you can afford

No matter if you enjoy television, movies, or just love hearing music on a great system, you would do well with the biggest television that you can find. A bachelor cave with a high-definition television and all of the channels your heart desires is the perfect place to spend your time. Invite your friends over for every major game and watch faces go green with envy at your new television system and unlimited viewing time.

Large recliners as couches

As a bachelor, you may not need to have as much cuddle time as you did before. In fact, you may be happy just spreading out in your own personal chair. Instead of getting a large cloth couch, consider getting leather recliners as your replacement sofa. This way after work, you can kick your feet up, lift the bottom of your couch and lead back to relax. Plus, a leather sofa is easier to wipe up spills from takeout than any on cloth sofas or other types of furniture.

Dark, stainless steel kitchen

If you do not enjoy cooking, it is likely that your stove and oven may not be used very often. For this reason, you can go with aesthetics above all else. A nice smooth kitchen with deep black granite counters and black cabinets looks nice and is easier to keep clean than lighter colors. Go with a black or stainless steel option for the oven, stove, and microwave. If you will spend most of your time heating up food rather than cooking it, invest in a toaster oven with a rounded back. This will make it easy to reheat entire pizzas if that is what you prefer. Best of all, if you decide to date later on, your kitchen will always look clean and pretty as long as you keep the counters clear and the stove clean.