4 Piano Maintenance Tips

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4 Piano Maintenance Tips

19 April 2016
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Pianos are very grand instruments that make great additions to any home, especially if you or someone in your house enjoys to play. This provides a great opportunity to entertain guests, as well. However, pianos can be quite expensive to maintain because they are such intricate and delicate instruments. In order to be sure that the piano in your home stays in the best condition, consider the following four tips:

Choose the Right Place: 

When you are choosing a spot for your piano in your home, you have to consider the surrounding elements. Pianos, for example will not do well in humid areas or in areas with a great deal of sunlight. When the piano is exposed to humid conditions, it can easily become out of tune because humid conditions put strain on the strings. Since pianos are made from wood, exposing the instrument to a heavy amount of sunlight will damage the finish, as well as cause problems with the way the instrument is tuned because of increased exposure to high heat. If you must put the piano in an area that is exposed to sunlight and humid conditions, the best thing to do would be to invest in an in-piano humidifier. 

Have Regular Tunings: 

Professionals should be coming to your home at least twice a year to tune your piano. This should be done after the changes in season, such as after the winter season and after the summer season. Weather conditions put strain on the instrument and cause it to become out of tune. When you have a professional come out at these times, your instrument is going to stay in the best tuned condition.

Play Regularly: 

Having a piano in your home shouldn't just be about appearance unless you want to have someone come to your home and attempt to play the piano only to find that the sound is way off. When you aren't playing the piano regularly, the strings become strained from the lack of use, which can possibly cause them to break. Besides, if you aren't using the piano, you likely aren't having it maintained either. The best thing to do would be to sell the piano if it no longer serves a purpose in your home. Otherwise, when you do want to use it again, you will find yourself spending a great deal of money to get it back it's proper state. 

When you consider these tips, you can be sure that the piano in your home stays in it's best condition, which saves you money and ensures that the piano can be played beautifully every time it is used. Contact a piano service, like Arin Piano Co., for more help.