3 Furniture Pieces Worth Restoring In Your Home

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3 Furniture Pieces Worth Restoring In Your Home

27 January 2017
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Restoring old furniture is a great way to make it new and modern, and saves you the time and money of putting new replacement pieces in your home. As you look around your house wondering whether a piece of furniture is worth restoring or should just be replaced with something fresh and contemporary, use this guide to help you in your upgrading decisions. Here are 3 furniture pieces that are worth restoring in your home.


Due to its timeless and classic appeal and beautiful appearance, leather is almost always worth a restoration project to make it look like new again. Have scratches, tears, fading, and worn pieces replaced and refilled so you can enjoy your leather chairs, sofas, and foot rests for longer. If you want to make antique leather furniture more modern in style, consider upgrading your leather surfaces to contemporary cream. Protect your leather furniture from further wear by covering it with decorative throw pillows and polishing it with a leather cream often.

Glass coffee tables

Another piece of furniture that always remains in style in any current home decor is a glass-topped coffee table. Replacement glass may be all you need to restore an older table to like-new condition. A professional in woodworking can also re-groove your table in areas where etchings have worn down to give it back its authentic, handcrafted appeal. Protect your wood finish by applying healthy oils to keep the wood from fading or drying out.

Anything antique 

Antique furniture is hard to find and costly to buy, so if you have a piece that is very old or even inherited in your home, it's worth refinishing. A restoration expert in vintage furnishings can match color swatches for material that is worn or faded so you can keep the original floral or striped patterns that you love in your chairs and couches. You can also have tacks and other decorative finishes replaced with replicas to keep your furniture looking new and retain its actual value.

You can protect your restored furniture from future wear and damage by keeping it away from windows where the sun can fade or dry out tender fabrics. Keep pets and children off vintage pieces to keep them from getting scratched or nicked, and have your leather and other tender materials treated regularly. Your furniture restoration expert can give you tips for keeping your furniture in excellent condition after restoration so you can enjoy it for many more years.