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Shop for Furniture With Quality in Mind

10 December 2019
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If you are building a luxury home, you are more than likely also wanting to purchase luxury furniture. Maybe your new home has just been finished in time for the Christmas holidays. Are you wanting to buy furniture for the living room and dining room? If you will be hosting holiday events at your house, it makes good sense to start your shopping with those two rooms in mind.

Start with a Sketch

Even if you are not an accomplished artist, you can still sketch a simple design of what you want in both the living room and the dining room. Doing that will help you when you begin shopping for high-end furniture.

The Living Room 

In the living room area, group furniture in a way that will invite conversation. For example, you might want to buy two small sofas that will face each other and then add one or two occasional chairs to the grouping. Then, think of establishing a section of the living room that will be set aside for just two or three people having an intimate conversation. For example, two high back chairs with a small table between them would be perfect.

As you work on the sketch of your living room, see where there are empty spaces that need attention. For example, would a bookshelf be a good addition against one of the living room walls?

The Dining Room

Next, think about what should go into the dining room. Will your dining room accommodate a round table? Having a round table will mean that everyone sitting at the table will be able to face each other, making each person feel included in a conversation. If you want to display things like fine china and other decorative items, think of buying a china cabinet with a glass front. That would be perfect for one of the walls.

Balance the room by buying a quality side table. That will be a great addition to your dining room when you serve buffet-style meals.

​Bring Your Sketch

Because you are wanting luxury furniture for the dining room and living room of your new home, go to stores that sell high-end furniture. as you work with one of the interior decorators at the store, show him or her the sketch you have made. The interior decorator will more than likely show you things like dining room furniture that is made of handcrafted hickory. As you shop for the pieces for each room, look for upholstery fabrics that are not only beautiful, but that will resist stains.

If you're ready to shop for high-end furniture, consider contacting services such as Mathews Furniture + Design.