Three Disguises That Wood Wall Beds Can Offer

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Three Disguises That Wood Wall Beds Can Offer

13 January 2020
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A wood wall bed — often called a Murphy bed — is a valuable addition to a home. If you're keen on maximizing your space, or you simply have overnight guests several times a month, a wall bed will come in handy. When you're shopping for a wall bed, you may want to strongly consider those that are disguised. In other words, while some wall beds are obvious when they're in the upper position, others have elements that can make people fail to realize that they're looking at a bed. This can be ideal if you're going to situate the wall bed in a central location such as your living room. Here are three disguises that may appeal to you.

Cabinet Front

When your wood wall bed is folded up against the wall, you don't want to simply look at the underside of the bed. You'll avoid doing so if you buy a wall bed with a cabinet front built into the bottom. In the upper position, you'll see wooden doors with cabinet hardware on them, which can make it appear as though you have a conventional cabinet standing in this space. While you won't be able to open the cabinet doors to store items inside of them, this piece of furniture can be a good visual addition to any room.

Sliding Shelves

Some wood wall beds are designed to be installed in the center of a shelving unit. When the bed is set up, there will be shelves against the wall on each side of the head of the bed. However, when you fold the bed up against the wall, you can slide a pair of shelves across to cover the underside of the bed. These shelves are typically mounted to caster wheels, which can make them easy to move into place even when they're filled with books. This setup is a highly effective way to hide a wall bed when it's not in use.


Another option to think about is to find a wood wall bed that has a bench in front of it. When you lower the bed to sleep on it, the bench essentially disappears beneath the frame of the bed. However, when you raise the bed toward the wall, the bench will become apparent. Sometimes, the bench will be made of wood. In other cases, it may be upholstered and share some visual and comfort similarities with a small couch. This option is ideal if you're in constant need of extra seats in the room.

Contact a local furniture supplier to learn more about custom wood wall beds you may want in your home.