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A Recliner for Dad

When I was a teenager, my paternal grandmother bought my dad a plush recliner for Father’s Day one year. For more than 10 years, my dad enjoyed relaxing in this beautiful blue chair. Sadly, the chair broke a few years ago. While my dad can still sit in it, he can’t recline in it. Therefore, I would like to surprise him with a new recliner this Father’s Day. Since he liked the color of his old one so much, I would like to replace it with another blue one. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of buying your dad a new recliner for Father’s Day this year. Enjoy!


Furniture Shopping With Your Five Senses

29 June 2015
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Get the most out of your visit to furniture stores by fully utilizing the five natural senses.  Most furniture pieces carry a hefty price which tends to account for its longevity as well. Explore ways in which you can make an informed decision when buying your next mattress or living room set with thorough observations.   1. Get A Full Furniture Experience  Don't go shopping on an empty stomach, even if it is for an inedible dining room table. Read More …